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Seven is a good number

Posted by joeabbott on November 6, 2011

imageWe have a lot going on. We always seem to have a lot going on. Even when it’s fun stuff, it’s just a lot. Unfortunately there’s been a lot of stress lately and I very much sat back and asked: is a busy life worth it?

Well, I’m not sure I came to a conclusion but, as with all things, a new day dawned, the problems passed and I had a good day with Suzanne … which always makes up for any bad days.

The bad came in the form of a new job: one I’m loving but it’s taking a lot of time up. I get up early, leave home at 6 AM, and wasn’t getting back home until 7:30 PM. Completely my choice but on a Friday I was ready to get home to some peace and quiet.

Well, I got home and the pile of trash outside the house clearly signaled that the remodeling job we have going on is still doing that: going on. We started talking in June with the contractor, finally had all the permits and design issues worked out (we’re enclosing a second level deck and making it a sun room), and the three-week job started in early October. Tomorrow is the start of the sixth week and we have to finish the flooring, install casings on the windows, add baseboards and trim, and finish the electrical. Oh, the door we ordered isn’t ready and won’t be in for … oh, the general never answered when it would be here. So we wait.

imageBut, on getting home, before I could look at their progress, Suzy stated flatly: the chickens had a bad day; one of them is missing. So disappointing. Not pets … but, still, animals in our care. So, I went out and looked around and found the same thing Suzy had: nothing. We had our other six birds but the white “Easter egger” was missing. As we were looking around we spotted a raccoon in the front yard and we shoed it away and then I went out and set a live trap we got for just this problem.

But that really took a lot of wind out of my sails.

After that, Suzanne mentioned the construction people had the lights in, so I went up to see their progress. The floor was half finished but looked super and the lights were on. And I couldn’t turn them off. I looked at the second switch and there was a note taped to it (Suzanne had missed this) saying, “light switch broken”. Criminy.

The system that’s being installed in a low voltage setup, so we needed a special switch to allow dimming; then we wanted it to be controllable from both inside and outside the room so we needed a three-way installation. So, it was “fancy” but not rocket science.

When I got down and explained this to Suzanne we were both bummed but then I noticed the ants. Yup, I’d tried to take care of them but they were back. To think, an ant was the last straw. But it was. I announced I’d had enough of the week and was going to bed without supper.

But, hunger drove me out and my gal made me some pasta and we ate in silence and candlelight. Just a quiet end to a long week.

And then today happened and I’m coming back to life a bit.

I woke up around 3 AM, unable to fall back to sleep and worrying. I’m not a good worrier so it was keeping me up. I read the paper and was just enjoying a bit of “cat therapy” when Suzy got up around 7:30. She joined me and we watched the day lighten up and suddenly, in a flurry of white flapping, our Easter egger flew into the middle of the back yard! I’m not sure if it came from over the fence or had avoided our searches and roosted in a tall, nearby maple tree, but there she was!

imageWe ran out, coaxed her into Chickenville (the chicken’s side of the yard) and everyone was merry. The appearance of the raccoon may have been a coincidence (although we’re still taking precautions) and our little flock seemed happy again. It was the shot in the arm that we needed.

Suzy ministered to the chickens and then made us a big breakfast … after which I did dishes. I then played a bit of Xbox and we ran our errands. We started by dropping off some items at Goodwill (nice to clean out and hope someone else can use our stuff), then went to a Seattle Chocolates opening near us (all the free samples you could eat … an offer I tested satisfactorily), picked up a gift at REI for a friend, returned the defective light switches, bought new switches, and finally picked up some chairs we’d ordered for a table we bought earlier in the summer.


imageWe both took a little nap after that and, I have to say, I was feeling much better. I’m glad I have today off (I think I’ll need it) but I’m getting back on that horse.

We made sure the rest of the day was quiet, too. We picked up some chicken for dinner (irony?) and drove out to a marina where we just ate in darkness and silence, listening to the water, nibbling our meal. We then went home and I played some more Xbox … ironically, a game titled Rage. But, it was mindless entertainment.

So, today will be filled with little chores and easy work; nothing so taxing I won’t be able to put it off if it doesn’t get done. Good days and bad days … I have to expect a few of each, but I was happy yesterday was one of the good ones.


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