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Do the Puyallup–2011 Food Edition

Posted by joeabbott on September 25, 2011

Suzy and I went to the Western Washington Fair (better known as the Puyallup Fair) this past weekend with a focus on “what are we going to eat”. Yes, a day at the Fair, all the bad food, and us with too much spare change in our pockets. What that meant is that we consumed far more calories than I’d care to count and that Suzy has been nursing a sore stomach all day today. But, it’s a once-a-year event and I enjoyed it! So follow along and hear about the day!

Fisher Scones

WP_000276We got to the Fair before 10 AM and they let us in. While many booths weren’t opened yet, we had eyes for one thing: starting off with BBQ at our favorite place. Unfortunately, they weren’t serving quite yet so we decided to walk around. With our appetites whetted, we were an easy mark for a line-free Fisher Scone booth!

Scones have been a fair-time favorite of mine: lots of real butter and enough raspberry jam to ensure you need a napkin after licking your fingers clean. This time I only had one scone and that was enough.

Suzy has been making scones at home and I prefer her recipe; also, the scones we got this time were cold/cool, a tiny tea cake size, and had only a petite dollop of jam. In all, it made for too-quick a treat. But, it was good to see how well off I am at home and it did dull the edge of hunger until the next stop opened …





Puyallup Pete’s

WP_000261WP_000263I didn’t get a picture of their sign but I did of our lunch! A couple pulled pork sandwiches with plenty of sauce and a big ear of corn! It was painful to part with the exorbitant prices they were asking for their food, but it did a solid job against the hunger I was feeling from not having breakfast (scone aside).

We have enjoyed Pete’s nearly every year we’ve been to the Fair and will likely continue. It was a great early lunch!






Dairy Barn / Milk Parlor

WP_000272WP_000274I remember going to the “all the milk you can drink for a quarter” stand at the Minnesota Fair in my youth. Those were formative times.

Two things have changed: I no longer get milk, I’m looking for ice cream; and you ain’t getting much of anything for a quarter at the Fair these days! So, we lined up early for some ice cream treats: Suzy got a cone and I got a “sno ball” (essentially a cup full of ice cream with some sort of topping mixed in). And, to be correct, I should say that we’re enjoying ice milk and not ice cream.

Whatever it was, we were absolutely enjoying it!





Pavilion Kitchen: scones

WP_000278As I’ve noted a time or two in this blog, Suzy likes to bake\cook, and she does it well. Part of doing it well is practicing and the other part is learning all she can. So, it was natural that we’d spend a few hours at the Pavilion Kitchen in the 4H building seeing who was on stage.

This year we caught two shows: the first was by a Scottish woman, Fran McGregor, who was making scones (!), which the class started out learning is also pronounced “scawns”. But I love my scones so I was ready for this show!

Fran talked about running a tea room, authentic recipes, and baked some scones right there for us. When we got our samples, she’d run out of hot scones so we got some she’d made earlier. They weren’t knock-your-socks-off-great, so when she took a second pan of hot scones out of the oven, I begged a second to share with Suzy. Fran obliged, we enjoyed, but they still can’t top Suzy’s.

It was quite nice, very mild, and if we start to get the itch to put fruit in our homemade scones, currants would be a great place to start.





Love@First Bite

WP_000279After the scone show we took a short break and walked about, and just outside the Pavilion Kitchen doors was a booth for cupcakes! Alright, I wasn’t exactly hungry but I was game!

I got a chocolate chip cup cake that was OK. I wouldn’t get another … just not great. It was moist and had lots of frosting, but curiously not a lot of taste! Suzy had an ultra-moist chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting and marshmallow center. She offered me a bit but I just couldn’t eat more sweets just then. I feel I was starting to max out!






Pavilion Kitchen: cupcakes

WP_000280But, an hour and a half later we were back to the Pavilion Kitchen stage to see a local company, Burning Cupcakes, talk about baking … cupcakes! While it was mostly a presentation demonstration (showing “jar cup cakes”, “cake pops”, and “push-up cupcakes”), we did get a cake pop at the end of the showing.

The bite-sized sample was all we needed but hearing bakers talk about their craft was the main goal (and reward) here!








Krusty Pup

WP_000281WP_000282But I needed something salty to cut through all the sweets we’d been eating … and it was about 6 PM. On our circuit of the Fair, as we were leaving the fairway, we spied a trusty Krusty Pup booth, noted the side line had only one person it in, and we sidled up! Suzy got a Krusty Pup with mustard, and I finished off a dish of curly fries quick as you please.








Funnel Cake

WP_000284WP_000283While we wandered the Fair another couple hours, Suzy couldn’t leave without getting one of her favorites: a funnel cake. We sat eating the powdered sugar-mounded treat and a passerby looked in horror asking what it was. I fumbled to describe it when Suzy adeptly said: it’s deep fried pancake batter topped with powdered sugar.

And that it is. Or was. While I intended on nibbling just enough to be sociable, I probably enjoyed as much as Suzy.






Ice Cream Cone

imageAnd we ended it with an ice cream cone!

I was really looking for an ear of corn but all the places I looked had long lines or I just couldn’t see paying $4 for an ear of corn. Yes, I’d been paying prices most often associated with highway robbery and extortion, and willingly(!) doing it all day, but, by this time in the day I probably wasn’t really hungry so it was easy to say “no”.

Suz wanted one more cone before we left and I made my order along with her. So, as the evening air was stealing over us, our feet were aching from the miles we’d put on (and with an increasing body mass!), we licked our cones away and watched the late night Fair-goers stream by.






An end to the day

While this is a food posting, I have to add a bit about the day’s end.

We got home and Suzy, flashlight in hand, went up to close this chicken coop door. I was watching from the downstairs windows and noticed the light was playing across the yard. Oh oh … that can’t be good. I leaned out and asked what’s up and she called back that all our hens were missing. Very not good.

So, I tossed on shoes, grabbed my own flashlight, and headed out.

By the time I got out, Suzy had spied the three youngsters: one roosting on the plastic fence, and two in a wispy apple tree we planted a couple years back. So, in a few minutes we returned those birds to their coop and wondered what happened to Poopy Butt. She was nowhere to be seen.

We canvased the yard, looked over the fence, spied under bushes and looked in low branches of all the trees we could find. No Poopy Butt. So, we gave up the search and just sat on the backyard deck and waited.

After a half hour or so I went back into the house. It was cool and nice outside but I didn’t see the point in waiting: chickens don’t move around at night and we couldn’t see enough to figure out what happened to our hen. But, a short time later, Suzy called out: she’d found Poopy Butt and she was well.

Tucked away beneath a fern on our side of the fence in Suzy’s garden, Poopy Butt had hidden herself. I was impressed she was smart enough to hide that well but really impressed with Suzy spotting her! So, we deposited her in the coop and called it a day. The best we can figure is that Poopy Butt somehow got over to our side of the fence and couldn’t get back. As the new “alpha hen”, she wasn’t around to show the youngsters to the roost, so everyone was messed up.

But, our little flock was well, we were sated, and it was time to get to bed.

And that was my day of eating. Thanks for reading!


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