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With the Cat Cartoon moving to a new site …

Posted by joeabbott on April 24, 2011

image… I’m back into the groove of only blogging on the weekends!

As usual, we have a lot going on and I’m ready to let you know what’s been cooking! But first, a recap of sorts.

My Lenten commitments have gone well: we’ve avoided eating out, no eating sweets, and no snacking. I’ve also given up caffeinated beverages. I would say all soda pops, but Trader Joe’s has a a blood orange soda that we’ve enjoyed at breakfast now and then … looking at the label, it’s pretty much orange pop. Oops!

During the last 40 days, I’ve lost over 10 pounds, and probably closer to 15. Suzy has lost 4 pounds. When I commented on this to her I noted that it shows I probably take in more calories from junk food than she does. Her response: “yeah, but we already knew that.” Ouch!

ZeroC_Thumb_128x96OK, Lent has been a success but it was trying. In past years we’ve given up either eating out or sweets but this was the first with both … and stealing a guy’s every vice is just cruel! It was a tough 40 days but I’m happy we didn’t break the promise and supported each other. For breakfast I enjoyed a couple cake pops and am now banging down a Rockstar soda.

The picture above and to the right is from last Sunday, spent with Suzy’s family enjoying a surprise party for Denise, Suzy’s sister. It was probably most surprising in that her birthday wouldn’t be for another week, but that was part of the surprise. To help her feel young on the 21st anniversary of her 29th birthday, we all “dressed young”. That meant Suzy was all in pink, and I had on some colorful suspenders and a propeller beanie cap.

The party was a hit that included pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, a piñata, and lots of treats. It was hard to avoid sweets and chips that day but I did OK as I commanded the grill and found lots of time in chatting with others. More pictures are here on Suzy’s blog/photo album.

P1020482P1020478I also finished the gate!

From my Another Weekend post you might have thought I had more of the gate completed, but at the time of that post, I’d really just cut the parts. We got home early enough on Sunday (from Denise’s party) to glue it up, and then I hung it on Wednesday. Well, it wasn’t done “right” so I had to do a little retrofitting and now it’s perfect.

On Wednesday I tried to get away with just attaching the hinge parts on the edge of the outside vertical piece. That worked fine, but the hinges were a quarter inch thick and made the opening side rub against a post. So I pulled it off, used a trim router to cut in a mortise on the edge, and chisels to clean it up. After that, I could mount the hinges in the recess and gain back that quarter inch. It doesn’t sound like much but it really made all the difference.

After that, I attached some “stop blocks” to keep the gate from swinging both ways, and finished it by adding a tensioning spring to hold it closed. Done!

So far the 4” spaces in the vertical slats have allowed my cat to walk on through but are keeping the chickens at bay. I hope that continues as I’d hate to have to retrofit this baby!

I completed that work this past Friday. I took the day off from work to finish up some projects at home. In addition to the gate, I completed a bunch of domestic chores and was able to check many “to-do” items from our list. So, in good conscience, I was able to get in a hike on Saturday with Adam up Mt. Si!

Originally the trip was for a few of us who are planning additional hikes this summer but, in the end, it was Adam, Dash (as in “the Incredible Dash”, his Bernese Mountain Dog), and me.

P1020484Mt. Si is considered a “training hike” because it’s just 4 miles but you gain almost 3000’. It’s a punishing bit of continual “up” when you have a pack on, but the trail is well maintained and the views from the top are wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s so close to Seattle that scads of people ascend it on a weekend. We got off around 7:45 AM and were able to park in the first row of cars; by the time we got down around 11:30 AM, cars were parking (stupidly) 3 deep on the ends and we had to cautiously thread our way out to avoid dinging cars. It looked like the lot was over-full by 30%!

Anyhow, after that I got home, I showered, and tried to help a bit with more chores. I swept the deck and driveway but mostly laid down and tried to avoid getting in Suzy’s way. My head was achy and my feet/ankles were sore. I needed the rest but was hoping I’d be more useful than I was.

And that brings us to today: Easter!

Today will be a day of treats, family, and a delicious meal. While today’s rain will keep people from enjoying the many hours and effort we put into the backyard, they can still look out on the beautiful flowers and watch the funny chickens strut about in their enclosure.

And that brings us up-to-date with our doings. So I’ll close with a Happy Easter to you all!


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