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Not the way I’d like to get up

Posted by joeabbott on February 19, 2011

I awoke today not unlike most other days: dimly aware it was morning but not at all ready for getting up.

A few weeks ago I noticed that I’d awake, check the clock, and then roll over when it wasn’t time to arise. But the act of checking the clock was disruptive to my rest … I’d need to find the clock, hit the “Indiglo” light, and then interpret the time against when I planned to rise. I found that if I trusted in the alarm and rolled over, I was much more ready to meet the day when the beep-beep-beep started. By waiting on the alarm, I felt that much more rested.

And so with today, I lolled in the after-rest that is the early morning but it seemed late enough that the alarm should have gone off. When I finally rolled over and looked at the time, I was shocked to see 6:18 AM … over an hour after I normally got up!

I sprang from bed, ignored my shower and headed straight to putting on some clothes. I got my jeans and a t-shirt on and had calculated my odds at catching the bus when a question I’d already shoved to the back of all the thoughts swimming in my head made its way forefront again: do I need to catch the bus? Or, thought differently: isn’t it Saturday?

The flood of the week and activities from the night before finally passed through the seive that structures my thinking and I realized I was dressed for nothing. And, while that shower or a bit more sleep would feel great, I figured I should greet the morning. And so I did.

I’ve now enjoyed a slice of quiche with a side of toast, read the paper, and gave the cats a chilly opportunity to spend some time in the back yard. Once Trimble climbed the fence, my offer was rescinded and I decided to get in a little computer time while enjoying some tea. A bit of a jolt but at least the day is off to a quick start!

How was your morning?


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