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Another slow weekend

Posted by joeabbott on February 13, 2011

Most weekends I like to do something … I usually don’t care a lot about what I do but something. This wasn’t really that weekend.

A friend of mine who I’ve written about twice before … once on a hike we did to Twin Falls and another time reflecting on his recent health problems … lost his fight against brain cancer and passed away last Monday. He was interred on Thursday and a service for him (or, for his family, loved ones, and friends) was held this Saturday. I attended but found it draining to the extreme.

I’m mostly good for loud times, physical exertion, and laughter. A funeral service saps me tremendously. Especially when it gets into my head and I think about it. It’s a very emotionally draining ordeal for me, even for the most casual of friends … much less someone I’ve been on rope with.

And so, after the service I came home and slept. I slept about three hours and awoke very much refreshed but still in “a mood”. So, I sat and did nothing the rest of the night. And that was just fine by me.

But, this morning dawned and it was time to do something.

A bit of blogging, some working out in the garage, mowing the lawn, and doing the dishes while keeping laundry going took up the day. I declared tonight would be free of video games and I plan on reading a bit and turning in early. I may play Suzy in a game of Wii bowling but that would break my “no video game” declaration. If she’s up for it, though, I may bend my rules a bit there.


And that was the weekend. I’m looking forward to a bit more productive weekend coming up … we have a play or something to attend on Saturday but I might try to get in a short hike beforehand. I’m getting a bit fat and need to burn off a bit of the “winter coat”!


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