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Composting Bin – Assembly and Installation in Pictures

Posted by joeabbott on January 30, 2011

imageOK, today the weather gods and the titans of industry battled with my persistent sniffles and came out on top. That is, today I actually built and installed the composting bin I talked about here.

In that post I maligned the designers of the compost bin for a few reasons: nagging little inaccuracies between the instructions and the diagram, a lack of something I called “stop blocks”, a gap caused the lid being too short, and choosing the odd length of 9’.

Of those, the only legitimate peeve I might claim is the inaccuracies between the diagram and the text but, in the end, the other issues seemed to work out OK. By not adding the “stop blocks”, the lid was able to tilt forward and allow drainage from the top. I thought the lid was short but, when I installed what I had built last week (and built to instructions), it fit fine. And the odd 9’ length … well, I still think that was a bad choice but this ultimately bothered me because of the bottom I added to the design .. which wasn’t something they considered.

So, I’ll eat crow, bow and scrape, or just admit that my diatribe was little more than conceit oozing out at a bad time (like there’s ever a good time!). And with that, let’s get on with the pictures from the building!

Making the dividers

imageimageimageimageSet aside

Making the lid


Slots for front




Attach the dividers to the bottom


Attach the lid


Build the front






And so it’s done. Another weekend project that came out pretty good. And the only thing left is to go back and update my SketchUp model.


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