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There’s more to life than cats

Posted by joeabbott on January 22, 2011

imageI’ve been letting the cat comics take the center stage on my blog and, I expect that to continue. I’ll post one comic daily and thoughts about other things … well, less than daily. Also, work has been incredibly busy … just a lot going on and I’ve been putting in long days. And this from a guy who regularly puts in long days. Recent days have been a whole ‘nother level of longness, however.

But, as I reflect on my week, it’s been long but really hasn’t been tough. I have a friend, though, who has been seeing some tough times. To get a picture of what’s going on, I’ll share a quote from his wife:

Quite frankly, I like my neurosurgeons overly confident.

Yeah. That’s tough. And yet, so is he.

Anthony has been a climbing buddy of mine for years now. I was his basic mountaineering instructor some years back and, after the class ended, he went on to do things I’ll never do, but has included me in a few of his adventures.

We’ve probably been rained or fogged off more things than we’ve climbed, but we’ve touched the tops of some high places. The picture to the right was from this last summer when we did a hike to Twin Falls; it was pretty much at the upper end of what he could manage at that time. Since then he’s had some additional problems that are documented on a blog started to track his trials: Ants Go Marching On.

So, while I carp about an ankle injury that won’t seem to heal, a long day at the office, or a woodworking project that’s beyond my skill, I at least have never reflected on my situation and summed it up as Anthony did in a letter to one of his other friends:

Some days my hope is that my life will return to perfectly normal, and that I’ll get my body back. Other days I just hope to be alive next year.

I’m not a prayerful person, but what prayers I take time for will include a little something for Anthony and Lori, his wife. He’s a good guy and I think our relationship probably has a few more outings in it to enjoy together.


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  1. […] mine who I’ve written about twice before … once on a hike we did to Twin Falls and another time reflecting on his recent health problems … lost his fight against brain cancer and passed away last Monday. He was interred on Thursday […]

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