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Can you review the reviews?

Posted by joeabbott on January 6, 2011

I’m not sure if it’s proper but, heck yeah I can!

As the year ended, a number of “best of 2010”, “2010 notables”, or other such year-end summaries came to light. A few of these resonated with me and so I’ll talk about them in this blog. And what better way to start than to take a look at the “Joe Abbott Blog Review” I posted yesterday!

The first thing to come to mind is: man, I’m glad I’m not making a living off my blogging! Quick math says that 1800 views over the course of the year amounts to less than five a day. And when you consider that a full half of these are probably hits I’m making as I post, review, and edit things, it’s doubtful that my family’s even paid attention to what’ I’m saying, much less anyone else. I suppose one way to test that would be to blog about my childhood and their antics, but that’s a cruel way to test readership.


But, the fine folks at WordPress, in addition to providing me a space to spew and the aforementioned fine summary, note that my fecundity (as blogging goes) merits this blog a Fresher than ever rating. Like a mountain breeze! Let’s get out the calculator and determine what it takes to be part of the Irish Spring ™ blogging group.

Sixty-seven posts over 12 months (and, yes, I know in the last two months there were only a handful), gives me a posting every five days, or so. Not bad but I realize I go in fits and starts around blogging. Take the last three weeks, for instance, in which I’ve posted 12 times, yet I’d posted only three times in November! Clearly a bit of averaging going on here.

My final observation is one of amusement, in that my second most popular post in 2010 was something I’d written in May 2009! And nothing in my top 5 was posted earlier than March of last year. That’s a lot of time with nothing of substance to talk about.

But, it’s not surprising, either. The average post on “I’m playing a neato game” probably can’t compare in long-term relevance to “here are plans for building your own coop”.

So, what this ultimately does is remind me to be humble. Anyone can talk but if you want to be listened to, you need to build chicken coops or something else of merit. Now stay tuned for future posts in which we consider movie awards, notable passages, and even the weather! You can take the boy out of the Midwest but you can’t take the Midwest of out the boy!


One Response to “Can you review the reviews?”

  1. …If it makes you feel any better, Joe, WordPress do not count visits to your own site (once you’re logged in) as hits. 😉

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