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Thank You, Steve and Julie!

Posted by joeabbott on January 3, 2011

New Years 2011 148New Years 2011 146I enjoy making the occasional jigsaw puzzle and, truth be told, I could stand to do this more than occasionally. However, we have a small, grey cat who thinks it’s a world of fun to bat around pieces, gnaw on the sides a bit, and come to a stop atop a partially completed puzzle and watch the parts fly. Not sure what I can do and so I don’t do many puzzles.

But I’d like to.

Enter Steve and Julie who gave to (ok, “us”) TWO jigsaws for Christmas and they were 300 piece puzzles … the perfect size for a single sitting bit of puzzle making. And, if I can complete one in a single sitting, there’s no chance for that little cat to have his brand of fun! They were perfect!

So, Thank You for the thoughtful gift. And here’s the proof that we got to the puzzles before the cat did!


  New Years 2011 149


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