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Out of Fallout: New Vegas

Posted by joeabbott on December 22, 2010

imageI completed Fallout: New Vegas (FNV) today. Which is an odd thing to say, really, in that I finished playing through the game a week ago and intend to give it another play through.

So, did I complete it or not? The answer lies in the achievements!

imageAchievements are awards that allot a player points, or “Gamer Score” (GS), for accomplishing tasks in the game or for doing things in a certain way. For instance, the game FNV has four different endings and has unique achievements for being able to play through all four ways. Additionally, you get GS by completing achievements for winning at gambling to the degree you’re tossed out of the New Vegas casinos, for finding\collecting hidden trinkets (snow globes, if you will) from across the “wasteland”, and for playing mini-games of hacking terminals, crafting items, or modifying your weapons. And, you’ll accomplish achievements for just playing through the game (completing the “main quest”) and lots of other things.

imageSo, in this play through I netted all achievements except two: one for healing myself by eating food (as opposed to using “magic” healing potions or “stimpacks”) and another for completing the game on “hardcore” mode. I considered playing hardcore on the initial play through, but knew that I enjoyed this game and would be entertained enough to play a second time. What I didn’t realize at the time was that there were four endings to get through. And, to be honest, I’m a bit played out on FNV just now.

In addition to being a long enterprise, the game suffers in two ways: first, every time you enter a new area the game displays a terribly long transition sequence; and second, the game will sometimes crash.

imageThe transition sequence is most notable when you want to head to a specific place a long ways away and you have to cut through a lot of “areas”. Let’s say I’m talking to the Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) Elder in his bunker and I want to go visit Mr. House in New Vegas. If I know exactly where I want to go (and have been there before), I can “fast travel”. Great! Here’s what that sequence would look like:

  1. Take leave of the Elder and exit BoS Level 2. Transition.
  2. Exit the BoS Level 1 to the Hidden Valley bunker. Transition.
  3. Exit the bunker into Hidden Valley. Transition.
  4. Fast travel to New Vegas’ North Gate. Transition.
  5. Enter the gate.Transition.
  6. Head to the Lucky 38 casino and enter. Transition.
  7. Take the elevators to the Penthouse level. Transition.
  8. Talk to Mr. House.

imageSo, if transitions take 20 seconds or so, you’ve just spent the better part of two and a half minutes for the benefit of maybe 45 seconds of game “walking”! You don’t always need that many transitions but they happen enough that it’s a real distraction.

And the crashing! On the first day I got the game I hit a spot in which I could reproduce a crash with excellent fidelity: just walk along the desert and go in that general area. *Boom* … and I was only an hour or so into the game! While most days the game is stable, today was a bad day. I started FNV, loaded my saved game, and it crashed. I did the same thing two more times before I loaded an older saved game and played from there. In all, it crashed another three times after that. Frustrating!

But I’ll be back … because, in addition to getting GS in general, it’s considered a trick to complete all the achievements in any one game. Not impossible and, with time applied to it, most games can be beaten in their entirety. But, for a casual gamer like me, that’s not a bad trick at all. So the hours of enjoyment I’ve had with it outweigh the above problems … unless the crashing were to happen like it did today!

It should be noted that Gamer Score affords you nothing and is worthless for all but bragging rights. Pretty much mindless and brilliant at the same time!


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