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New is news

Posted by joeabbott on May 30, 2010

Well, I recently posted A quick wrap up and that did a nice job of communicating a bunch of stuff. So, in a similar vein, I’ll share what I’ve done over my long weekend.

For working hard on a recent release, the entire team was given a couple days off Thursday and Friday were those days! I spent them in a way that I really enjoyed: just dinking around.


Weekend projects 002Thursday was the first day off and I had a long list of things I wanted to do. And, in fine fashion, I picked off the easy ones: headed to the woodworking store for advice on finishing a project, getting out to the hardware store for some materials\fasteners for my latest project, going to a battery store (?!? they actually have one nearby!), and little errands like that. It was nice to get some of these little things that were piling up out of the way.

Then out to the backyard to install the header boards to a trellis/arbor/pergola/gate entry that I am building. Earlier I had laid the posts in and I still needed real headers. I had cut them out a week back but just hadn’t installed them. The trick was figuring out how to install them. They were too thin to countersink and use a headed fastener and a lag bolt would have just looked too industrial.

In the end, I opted to use wooden pegs and left them sticking out so I could split them, drive a wedge in so they were locked in, and then cut them flush. As it turned out, Suzy liked the look of them sticking out so we decided to leave them as they are. At least for now … I’m still worried weathering will cause the boards to loosen a bit. We’ll see.

Anyhow, later in the evening I stayed up late and finally finished Mass Effect 2 on Insanity mode. I fought the good fight and “kick[ed] the Collectors in their daddy bags” … as one character in the game says.


Weekend projects 014 Suzy was going to work just a half day so I immediately launched into the big jobs: cleaning the garage and surfacing the wood I was going to use for a bench I was building.

To be honest, I neither completely finished all the wood I needed for the bench nor was the garage cleaned up completely … but I made a good dent in both.

The biggest effort is in the cleaning. My work bench has been collecting a ton of stuff for a long time and I have been unable to use the bench for much of anything. I nearly lost it weeks ago when installing the gate posts and I Weekend projects 020trashed the bench as a forcing function to cleaning up. What a mess.

Anyhow, I did finally create a “project box” that I store all the bits and pieces and parts that I intend on using for something else but never get around to, I tossed out a dozen bags and receipts from previous purchases, and bought a small box for the odd screw or bolt that was sitting around. It’s looking better but I have a ways to go yet.

Then the surfacing of wood. That was a job in and of itself. I could get an 8-foot 4×4 cedar post for under $10 in rough-cut finish; if I bought a surfaced\finished cedar post, it would cost nearly $30! Not only because I needed five of them, but because I’m super cheap (and happen to have a bunch of woodworking equipment) I got the rough cut. But it took me a bunch of time to create the beams for the bench seat and for the legs.

Weekend projects 017After Suzanne got home we went out to run more errands. We stopped in at IKEA for some picture frames and it was a mad house! When I asked what was going on the clerk said something about “people getting a start on the holiday weekend” … by shopping at IKEA?! Anyhow, we also had a (very unsatisfactory) meal there, and then got out. We then stopped by REI to get a few things (a shirt, a water bottle, and some liner socks), and then to Target for some household goods. Back home we went.

Suzanne took a short nap while I started a game someone from work gave me. I’m not sure I love it … neat story and some fun puzzles to work out, but there’s a boss fight that has me thinking I’ll need to spend a bit of time getting that worked out. And I’m not sure I plan on investing that sort of time into it. We’ll see.

Anyhow, Suz got up, we ran out to have some food at a small Chinese restaurant we enjoy, and then home. I played more Darksiders while she fiddled about on the iPad and then we called it a day.


Weekend projects 052 This day started out great … I got a ton of tasty breakfast (crepes, bacon, eggs) and then I went into the garage to finish the bench. Well, it would take me until after 8 PM to complete it but I did!

It took a lot longer to complete than I thought it would. Each step was simple and nothing was exceptionally challenging but there were enough parts and cuts that the time just flew.

The bench looks great and is super-solid. It also weighs a ton … I’d say close to 100# but I managed to get it into the backyard on the deck. If only to enjoy it there for a bit. We’ll be moving it up by the chicken coop later. I guess that’s my next project: clearing and flattening a space for the bench. Oy.

With that done, we had a very late (but delicious!) ham dinner and then to bed.


Who knows? I almost always get up early and so I go to bed early … which is usually around 10. But these past few days I’ve been up until past midnight but still getting up before 6 AM. That’s been putting a toll on me and I have a bad headache that I’m hoping goes away. While it’s here, I’ve just felt like sleeping it off. We’ll see … I like naps but just get very few. Today may be a loll around and nap day.

If I don’t waste the day, I’ll probably put in a little time on the gate for the backyard and\or flattening the ground for the bench. Such is my fun life these days. 😉


The day is wide open and I have no plans. Like today, I’ll probably end up doing some chore or other from around the house. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it will save me from having to do it later. And I do plan on getting out and climbing something next weekend!


That’s my long weekend. Very enjoyable and long but still flying by.


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