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Busy week

Posted by joeabbott on November 29, 2009

I had the week off and intended to spend it in the shop, just enjoying time doing a little woodworking. I don’t think I got there at all.

On Saturday we attended a Raising Chickens class put on by the Seattle Tilth organization. Don’t ask, you’re bound to hear more over the next few weeks and months. Then, immediately thereafter, we cruised out to Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island at Due Vetro Studio. We have a bunch of their glass art in our backyard and house and, after Saturday, we have a bunch more.

On Sunday we finally had time to clean the house and garage. We had a bit of remodeling going on and everything was in a bit of a mess. The room we had done was in “finished remodeler” form … meaning it was tidy and clean, but not “Suzy tidy and clean”. So, she went to work on that and I went to work on cleaning out the garage, tossing away the extra stuff, and returning stuff we didn’t use. It was a busy day but it was really nice to have everything clean and back to normal after that long project.

On Monday and Tuesday, While Suzy was at work, I ran errands. I can’t even recall all the stuff I did but it amounted to fairly full days of grocery shopping, buying required items for the coming Thanksgiving holiday, and dealing with my own errands. It was busy but not manic. Still, they kept me out of the garage.

I targeted Wednesday for time in the garage but we still had a few errands to run. I headed back to Seattle Tilth for more chicken information, ran to Goodwill to drop off some stuff, and did some final shopping. *whew*

Thursday came and we (Suzy) did a bit of baking and then we headed 40 miles north to our family destination for Thanksgiving dinner and the Stapelman gathering. It was a full day and enjoyable with all the eats and chit chat that comes with a Stapelman gathering. As an added bonus, everyone was doing well!

We headed home with Suzy’s father and Edy (his spouse) in tow. They stayed the night at our home and we’re always happy for their company. They don’t make a mess, noise, and always leave well before they cramp our style. The perfect house guests and this time was no different.

I arose early with the thoughts of heading to a local store and grabbing the game Dragon Age: Origins for my Xbox 360. It’s a splurge for me to buy most games but it was Black Friday and that means deals! For this relatively recent release, it was about $25 off the initial cost. Good enough for me to get based on the fact that it’s my kinda game! Unfortunately, I realized that I had left my wallet 40 miles north of my house. Dang!!

So I stewed and fumed for two hours while others slept in but I was too annoyed to get back to sleep. Soon enough everyone was up, we had a big breakfast, saw the folks out the door, and then I spilled it to Suz. She was supportive and we built the day around that trip back north.

First we called to announce our coming, then we did a little shopping. We picked up things for kids, the game for me, and art stuff for Suzy. It was madness at most places so it was nice when we hit the road and just dribbled on north to get my wallet. By the time we got home, had dinner, and did a bit more tidying up, it was time for bed. Oh, we did run one more errand: we got our Christmas tree and set it up (but held of decorating until Saturday).

On Saturday I ran out again for a final bit of shopping. I had my eye on a dovetail jig for a while and Rockler had sent me a 25% off coupon … too good to pass up. So I picked up the Rockler Dovetail Jig and ran on home. We then set out to do our holiday decorating. I was in charge of building out the deer and trees (yup, plural on both), and Suzy ran around inside decorating. I brought up our dozen or so totes of holiday decor and she strew it about.

Once I had the three short fake trees built, she foofed the branches and I put a couple out back flanking our fountain and one up on the plant shelf inside. They I constructed and tested the eight lighted deer we have and placed them where directed. I then ran around and managed for find timers and extension cords for everything and our holiday was mostly done on the outside. I got in and … voila … Suzy had done her magic on the inside.

I’ll post pictures later … it’s a lot of fun.

Anyhow, when that was done I collapsed into a 4 hour marathon session of Dragon Age while Suzy finished reading about chickes and doing homework. Then time for Saturday to be behind us.

I got up Sunday and read the paper, had a little oatmeal, and then greeted Suzy. I whipped up a little Malt-O-Meal and then we finished our decorating. I brought the boxes downstairs, she finished some decorating and vacuumed, and we both sighed that we could relax. Mostly.

I still had to move around a TV or two (did I fail to mention we got a second Xbox for upstairs and I now have a small game room to hide away in?) and then start another Goodwill pile. We had a mobile phone that looked like a comic prop … almost as big as a satellite phone … we had a VCR we agreed we never use, a few toys, and now I’m busy clearing off an old computer to donate somewhere.

And that’s what I did with my week off. While I would have liked to get some woodworking in, I am happy with getting our decorating out of the way, having time with Suzy and family, and generally putting time into tidying up the house. Oh, Dragon Age is a bonus, too. 🙂


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