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A glorious day

Posted by joeabbott on April 8, 2009

Regardless of what you were doing in or around Seattle last Sunday, it would seem you enjoyed a most wonderful day. It was so sunny I estimated my body’s generation of vitamin D for that one day exceeded the sum total of the past three months. When challenged to provide quantitative proof of this I have to admit, it was purely a guess. Guess though it was, I have to imagine I was close!

So on that day I decided to get out snowshoeing.

Scott, Adam, and I headed up to a place called Hyak on the east side of Snoqualmie Pass where we ascended a small rise to wonderful views of the area. The way I’d heard it we were going to “ascend Kendall” but that appears to have never truly been the destination and, a good thing, we were far short of it. 🙂


We started out in warm weather I before too long I stripped down to my short sleeve shirt and had no trouble with the temps. The snow was in great condition but my “Tubbs” snowshoes were better equipped to handle the deep snow than their MSR shoes. That said, Scott is about 80# lighter than Adam and didn’t have too much trouble. I am about 20# lighter than Adam so, with the bigger shoes, did fine. That said, there were a few times I post-holed on the way up … mostly into a tree well.

Part way up we stopped for sunscreen and Scott swapped leads with Adam and we continued on a long ramp up as we headed into a long drainage and up the rise toward Kendall. I took over before we crested for a change of pace but relinquished the lead again before too long as I had to get out a jacket when we did pop over the rise.

As Scott continued on we heard a loud *boom* and surmised avalanche control was underway and would have been happier for more news about where they were doing it. As we looked down and saw the west-bound traffic on I-90 come to a crawl, it was clear where they were working. And clear that we should take our time because it’d be a while before that mess cleared.

Before long the sun got warmer and a trio of skiers passed us on the way up. About then Adam noted he was regularly post-holing and Scott started to tire a bit … he’d been in the lead a long time. I took over the lead and got the honor of leading us out onto the top of the rise where we called our summit efforts to an end and sat down for a snack.

For the better part of an hour we enjoyed the views and conversation over whatever kibble we brought to nibble and then my partners started suiting up and preparing for the snowboarding trip down! Unfortunately for me, I don’t snowboard (or ski!) and after watching them launch off, got to march the long, solitary road back to the car.


It was fun to see them head down the slow in big, fast swoops, making a spray of slushy, wet snow as they zipped away. I snapped a few pics and they were gone. The trip back wasn’t terrible but heading downhill in wet snow is a bit of work. The tip of the snowshoe would bite in and I’d have to heave a clump of wet snow up and away as I continued down. Not bad a few times but it happened often and I was starting to tire.


Fortunately, I made good time and arrived at the truck only 10-15 minutes after they did. From there I changed into dry clothes (something I found they had no interest in doing … ugh) and then we still had a bit of a wait so we found a small diner and got a little lunch.


I was home by 5 PM and enjoyed a leisurely evening as I rested my tired legs and reflected on a beautiful day.


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